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Panama Canal Transit

PANAMA CANAL TRANSIT ... This 10-day sail-training expedition is the SECOND of a three month journey to Hawaii aboard the SV Solstice as we sail her 6,200 nautical miles to get there. You can join the Modern Geographic Team by signing up for any of SIX expeditions beginning February 21, 2018 in the British Virgin Islands, and ending May 20th in Honokohau, HI ... after that, you can join a variety of Hawaiian-based expeditions beginning the summer of 2018.

Arguably one of the most unique expeditions of the journey, transiting the PANAMA CANAL provides you with an opportunity to be involved in a complex logistical operation. Starting the expedition in Colon, Panama, we’ll prepare SV Solstice for the passage from the Atlantic to the Pacific Ocean. Advanced seamanship skills will be refined, as precise navigation, line handling, rafting, anchoring, and stress management are cornerstones of the experience.

As we wait our turn to transit the locks, we'll make use of every available chance to sail Solstice. We'll practice many sailing maneuvers before-and-after the transit as time allows to hone our seamanship skill as a team. Paul is a firm believer in hands-on practice and cross-training to build a strong team. Imagine the experience, as you take part in managing a vessel through one of the greatest engineering achievements of the 20th century, surrounded by large container ships, tankers, and other agents of our global economy. This expedition provides an opportunity to check off an item at the top of your bucket list.

Every sail-training expedition utilizes the Modern Geographic Sailing Curriculum (developed over the course of Paul Exner's 40+ years of broad and serious exposure to "sailing"). Using this curriculum, Paul guides each sailor along their path to master the technical-art-of-ocean-sailing, reinforced frequently by technical discussions with the whole team to ensure that the information learned during the expedition is well founded. Please contact Paul with any inquiry you have about your goals for the expedition, or questions about the Curriculum.

PANAMA CANAL TRANSIT ... March 6 to 16; $2,000/person

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BVI to Colon, Panama
Later Event: March 17
Panama to Punta Arenas, Costa Rica