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Cabo San Lucas to Honokohau, Hawaii

CABO SAN LUCAS to HAWAII … This 22-day sail-training expedition is the SIXTH and last of a three month journey to Hawaii aboard the SV Solstice as we sail her 6,200 nautical miles to get there. You can join the Modern Geographic Team by signing up for any of SIX expeditions beginning February 21, 2018 in the British Virgin Islands, and ending May 20th in Honokohau, HI ... after that, you can join a variety of Hawaiian-based expeditions beginning the summer of 2018.

The big island of Hawaii will become the new base-of-operation for the Exner family and Modern Geographic Sailing, a location ideally suited for inter-island sail-training within the State of Hawaii, or to remote islands in the South Pacific Ocean.

This is THE SAILING EXPEDITION of a lifetime. 2,650 NM of true PACIFIC OCEAN sailing. As we race ahead of the Eastern Pacific Hurricane Season (beginning May 15th), we set a westerly course to sail 22-days to Hilo Hawaii to clear U.S. Customs and Immigration; from there, we'll sail around the big island of Hawaii to Honokohau Harbor. Departing from CABO SAN LUCAS, we immediately focus on team mechanics, weather forecasting, and offshore sail-handling which will be one of the most important components to successfully completing this expedition because there will be a lot of down-wind work and we'll fly the spinnaker as often as possible.

We'll sail hard, smart, and with the team making most of the decisions within a few days following our departure. The team will be split into a rotating division of two, where there's a Watch Captain who will direct the mission over each four hour watch-period. There will be an immense emphasis on weather routing as the dates overlap the Eastern Pacific Hurricane Season by five days. We will likely hand-steer the entire expedition, and most of it will be sailed under spinnaker. The closer we get to Hawaii, the stronger the wind becomes, and the bigger the waves ... Solstice will be in her element and sailed to her full-potential as the team comes together to manage her while surfing down large Pacific swells under spinnaker power.

The learning opportunities during this expedition are innumerable. The challenges will be immense. Managing your mental and physical state will be of utmost importance. This is the type of sailing adventure that few get a chance to take. 

Every sail-training expedition utilizes the Modern Geographic Sailing Curriculum (developed over the course of Paul Exner's 40+ years of broad and serious exposure to "sailing"). Using this curriculum, Paul guides each sailor along their path to master the technical-art-of-ocean-sailing, reinforced frequently by technical discussions with the whole team to ensure that the information learned during the expedition is well founded. Please contact Paul with any inquiry you have about your goals for the expedition, or questions about the Curriculum.

CABO SAN LUCAS to HAWAII ... April 28 to May 20; $6,800/person; 2,650nm

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