HAWAI’I TO KAUA’I ... This 12-day sail-training expedition is the THIRD expedition of a three-part exploration series aboard SV Solstice, as we sail her from her new base-of-operation, on the big island of Hawai’i. You can join the Modern Geographic Team by signing up for any of our scheduled Hawaii expeditions, departing from Honokohau. This location is ideally suited for inter-island sail-training within the State of Hawaii, or to remote islands in the South Pacific Ocean.

This will be the first long distance expedition, as we explore the islands of MAUI, O’AHU, and KAUA’I. This 500 NM journey will include overnight passages, heavy weather experience, and true blue water sailing. Paul Exner will use advanced coaching techniques to create a highly efficient and effective team. Each team member will take leadership roles in planning and guiding SV Solstice safely to anchorages along the way.

The Pacific Ocean can be a daunting and intimidating training ground. Especially while sailing to unvisited destinations. Each sailor will come aboard Solstice feeling differently about their capabilities to successfully complete this passage. Regardless of previous sailing experience, the power of these sail-training expeditions is to create a safe, yet challenging environment, where each member is continually pushed outside of their comfort zone. 

Paul's philosophy for ocean sail-training is rooted in belief that a series of short (1 to 3-day) legs offers incredible opportunity for sailors to gain mastery of the technical-art-of-ocean-sailing, mostly because the general tasks of making land-fall and departing-for-sea are best assimilated by doing them repeatedly in different locales and under varying oceanographic conditions so the full gambit of seamanship topics can be experienced and navigated first-hand.

Every sail-training expedition utilizes the Modern Geographic Sailing Curriculum (developed over the course of Paul Exner's 40+ years of broad and serious exposure to "sailing"). Using this curriculum, Paul guides each sailor along their path to master the technical-art-of-ocean-sailing, reinforced frequently by technical discussions with the whole team to ensure that the information learned during the expedition is well founded. Please contact Paul with any inquiry you have about your goals for the expedition, or questions about the Curriculum.

HAWAI’I TO KAUA’I ... September 22 to October 4; $5,100/person