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Explore Hawaii / Sail Training

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EXPLORE HAWAII / SAIL TRAINING ... 10-days of immersed sail training with Paul Exner; practice the art of seamanship in the challenging coastal waters of the Big Island aboard Solstice; anchor in remote bays surrounded by white and black sand where old volcanic lava abut the Pacific as it teems with marine life; experience a multitude of weather patterns and learn how to prepare a vessel to safely handle the dynamic changes in ocean currents and weather as affected by Hawaii's intricate topography where trade winds meander and mingle around five volcanoes reaching 13,802' of elevation. Receive high-level hands-on coaching as you participate with every aspect of seamanship required to confidently manage the expedition along our itinerary.

Depart the Kailua Pier on the big island of Hawaii and take part in planning various aspects of this expedition's itinerary learning how to plan a route and execute it ... everything we do will be hands-on: weather forecasting; coastal navigation, sail handling, piloting, night sailing, and more ... guided in detail by Paul Exner as he empowers each team member to gain confidence as they learn and practice seamanship skill.

Paul's philosophy for ocean sail-training is rooted in belief that sailors gain mastery of seamanship by repeatedly experiencing a varied barrage of oceanographic conditions, under a multitude of hands-on scenarios, reinforced by good leadership, coaching, and routine debrief. Hawaii offers a challenging training ground for students of seamanship; for example: the National Weather Service cites 16 unique Coastal Marine Forecast Zones in Hawaiian waters alone! Also, Wave Forecasts for Hawaii shores are the result of storm events from as far as the Tasman Sea (5,000 miles away), and beyond. Sail training in Hawaii with Paul Exner offers the perfect hands-on, experiential learning classroom to advance your sailing skill. 

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Every sail-training expedition utilizes the Modern Geographic Sailing Curriculum: developed over the course of Paul Exner's 40+ years of broad and serious exposure to "sailing." Using this curriculum designed for its flexibility to coach a sailor on their individual style and goal (not mandated by a rigid outline), Paul guides each sailor along their path to master the technical-art-of-ocean-sailing, reinforced frequently by discussion with the whole team to ensure the information learned during the expedition is well found. Explore Hawaii as you advance your sailing skill.

EXPLORE HAWAII / SAIL TRAINING ... August 18-28 ... $4,250

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