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The vast oceanic world around the Islands of Hawaii is your venue to sail with expert sailor: Paul Exner. Whether you seek hands-on day sailing, or challenge by heavy weather, passage-making, light-wind, remote anchoring, dynamic meteorological conditions, or immersion in a live-aboard sailing expedition to prepare yourself for long distance cruising ... sail with an expert coach who'll take your sailing experience to its highest potential.

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Sailing Expeditions

7-12 Day Immersed Sail Training

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Hands-On Day Sailing

3 Hour Sailing Activity

Offshore Sailing Expeditions

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Sail Hawaii with Paul Exner

The vast oceanic world around the Hawaiian Islands is your venue to sail with Paul Exner. Whether you seek challenge by heavy weather, passage-making, light-air sailing, remote anchoring, dynamic meteorological conditions, or desire to immerse yourself in a live-aboard experience to prepare for long distance cruising in your future, you can train with Paul who will take your seamanship ability to its highest potential.

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Sail Hawaii

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Hawaii is your sail training classroom

Modern Geographic Sailing offers challenging sail training expeditions to sailors of all backgrounds who seek solid seamanship training from one of the most highly respected Master Sailing Instructors in the industry: Paul Exner who chose the waters of Hawaii as his classroom for their dynamic oceanographic conditions. Lose yourself in adventure along the coast of Hawaii's islands aboard the SV Solstice (one-of-a-kind sailing vessel, based on drawings by America's foremost designer of small yachts, William Atkin).

You'll certainly be recognized for your contributions to the team of 2 paying 'crew' and receive A LOT of private coaching from Paul due to the small team-size. Bunk in your own private sea berth, and store your gear in a locker assigned specifically to you. You'll participate in ALL aspects of the expedition that's designed with your sailing objectives in mind as discussed with Paul in advance.

If you've dreamed to lay at anchor on a remote shore that you plotted a course to using new techniques that promote safe seamanship, despite the challenges that Hawaiian conditions conjure up, and yearn to immerse yourself aboard a voyaging sailboat doing real sailing with a proven Master Instructor, then join Paul aboard Solstice for the sail-training expedition of a lifetime.