Modern Geographic

To actively explore a dream we begin by chasing it. We enable our self-confidence as we seek adventure. Our life becomes our expedition for what we wish. We are in control of our actions. We live with the consequences of our decisions as we convince ourselves the dream is something we can attain.

Chase a dream ... EXPLORE!

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But how do we go about learning what we need to know before doing something we’ve never done?

The Modern Geographic Sailing Expedition and Curriculum (developed by Paul Exner) will guide you toward a mastery of seamanship and sailing.

The Modern Geographic expedition-style sail training offers a sailor challenge and learning opportunity as guided by an expert sailing coach. Paul has a knack for developing your sailing talent to build real confidence, and keep you safe while showing you how to manage and calculate seamanship risk offshore. Paul put’s you in the driver's seat as you learn to make solid decisions with consequences, and in the course of working together on urgent plans, your experience will be heightened so you retain the knowledge he imparts. Paul's talent for sail training is unique; if you are serious about advancing your sailing skill and mastering on-the-water seamanship and decision-making, there is no better sailing coach (period).