Modern Geographic

MODERN GEOGRAPHIC is PAUL EXNER: To actively explore our dreams and hope for a reasonable outcome from our efforts, we must first posses certain skills related to the task that enables our self-confidence enough to go for it! Let's hope we want what we wish for because we might just face real challenge while going after something we believe in … then what? Our life becomes our "expedition” for everything we wished for, whether we like it or not, and we are in control of our dreams, for better or for worse. There are no golden parachutes that save us from ourselves, we must live with the consequences of our decisions while going after our dreams. We must learn how to convince ourselves that our dream is something we can attain.

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But how do we go about learning what we need to know before doing something on our own that we’ve never done before? Paul Exner's sail-training expedition can help you with this! The Modern Geographic Sailing Curriculum (developed over the course of Paul Exner's 40+ years of broad and serious exposure to "sailing") will be used to guide you toward mastery of the technical-art-of-ocean-sailing, to be reinforced by engaging in discussion with Paul about what you're accomplishing on the water; this ensures that the information you're learning during the expedition is heightened and retained.

Paul Exner is committed to mastering the techniques required to help sailors master the technical-art-of-sailing via the experiential learning paradigm … a sequence of actions and experiences to be reinforced by a technical understanding of the subject, and further solidified via debrief discussion … a highly suitable approach for developing new skills in adults.

Paul Exner’s philosophy and methods for his Modern Geographic expedition-style sail training offer a sailor the most challenge and learning opportunity from an expert sailing coach, anywhere. Paul has a knack for developing your sailing talent to build real confidence, and keep you safe while showing you how to take calculated seamanship risk offshore. Paul truly put’s you in the driver's seat to make solid decisions with consequences, and in the course of working together on urgent plans, your experience will be heightened so you retain the knowledge he imparts. Paul is unique; if you are serious about advancing your sailing skill and mastering on-the-water seamanship and decision-making, there is no better sailing coach (period).