Paul Exner // Surviving Hurricane Irma & Sailing to Hawaii

TWO STEPS FORWARD … no turning back!

Preparations continue, as we race toward the start of the BVI to Hawaii Expedition Series, departing February 21st. Many tasks to complete, but major progress has been made. Without hesitation, we remain confident in the plan. Solstice’s NEW SL Seatiger 555 windlass arrived (more on that later)! New and refurbished pulpits to be re-installed mid-morning today. NEW MONITOR wind-vane also arrived and awaits installation. Solstice is coming back ... her strength and beauty are renewed.

On the Wind Episode 223 Paul Exner.jpg

A few weeks back, while attending the Chicago Boat Show, I had the opportunity to talk with Andy Schell of 59 North Sailing. Andy and Mia have been an integral part in our family’s recovery, providing logistical support, coordinating fundraising efforts, offering advice, and being there as friends. Their help and friendship cannot be expressed by my family enough.

CHECK OUT this podcast that Andy and I recorded about the details building-up to Hurricane IRMA, how we survived the Category 5 storm, and living with the aftermath. I also go into detail about our plans to sell everything, move the family to Hawaii, and continue high-level sail training, deep in the Pacific Ocean.

Thanks to Andy and Mia at 59-North Sailing for publishing my story. #OntheWindPodcast. Enjoy…