Bluewater sailing expeditions and instruction and offshore skippers

Bluewater Sailing Instruction

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Go anywhere by sail …

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Modern Geographic Sailing leads instructional sailing expeditions for sailors of all skill levels who seek knowledge, experience, and seamanship methods to help them GO ANYWHERE BY SAIL … especially across bluewater to make exciting landfalls.

If you seek the bluewater live-aboard lifestyle and want to find adventure on the high seas, or you’re outfitting your sailboat for serious ocean sailing … you’re probably looking for trusted and respected advice, and to gain valuable experience from which you can form personal opinions before making major decisions that affect your lifestyle change.

Lucky for you, Paul Exner of Modern Geographic can guide and help you achieve your dream to sail over the horizon confidently and with a good boat that’s capable to sail you anywhere you want to go. Paul Exner is a world class sailor, master sailing instructor, boat builder, and cruising lifestyle coach … Paul is a friend and one of the most capable guys around who can “show you the ropes” and answer your technical and lifestyle questions about bluewater travel and ocean voyaging by sail.

GO ANYWHERE BY SAIL … check out these sailing expeditions: