Bluewater Sailing Instruction

The Modern Geographic Sailing Expedition offers: Immersed bluewater sailing instruction and coastal seamanship challenge for sailors wanting to reach their full potential and embark on bluewater voyages aboard their own vessel. Mod Geo Expeditions are led by Paul Exner aboard his custom-built SV Solstice, and sailed throughout the Hawaiian islands, a chain of seven main-islands 300-miles long, that offer a fantastic blend of sailing-conditions by which you’ll experience everything from heavy weather to serene anchorages. The expedition’s purpose is to provide sailors an opportunity to fully immerse themselves into a bluewater experience aboard a cruising-yacht, where their questions can be answered about bluewater sailing in a hands-on manner as guided by a knowledgable and experienced mariner: Paul Exner, who has decades of experience in ocean-sailing, boat building, and directing ocean sea trials for new and re-fit yachts.

The Mod Geo Sailing expedition is about you … You’ll experience and learn from a full-range of ocean-sailing scenarios, and do so in a way that empowers YOU to grow as a sailor. You accomplish this through hands-on practice while actually sailing the boat on a route that you plan, influenced by the weather forecasts you learn to interpret, while managing an ocean-ready and proven sailing vessel as it encounters the complete range of Hawaiian oceanographic conditions, all while receiving great coaching.

We’ll anchor in remote bays surrounded by white and black sand where coastlines of volcanic lava adjoin the Pacific Ocean, where interesting marine life is frequently seen. You’ll gain first-hand experience with a wide-spectrum of weather patterns to broaden your sailing experience, served-up by the geographic effects of the Hawaiian Islands that cause dynamic changes in ocean currents and weather as affected by Hawaii's intricate topography. Your affinity for modern technology will form a tangible perspective with Earth as you apply internet-based weather forecasts to localized meteorological effects like land and sea breezes that switch diurnally, and see what it’s like to sail where cold-wind accelerates down the side of a volcano that may build to Gale strength. The routes we’ll plan and execute will be derived by you as you’re guided through the nuances of practical seamanship, learning what works in practice given the theory as put-forth to actual sailing. We’ll sail with an emphasis on safety within realistic terms; we’ll cast-off the dock lines and you’ll see what it’s like to Go Anywhere!

Modern Geographic Expedition Students receive high-level coaching while participating in every aspect of the hands-on sailing expedition; they are encouraged to tap-into the vast knowledge of Paul Exner by raising any sailing topic for discussion, and should expect to receive reasonable and constructive answers to their questions about getting into the bluewater lifestyle, buying a boat, or what it takes to pursue the path of a sailing enthusiast.

YOU are the focus of Paul Exner’s primary objective for Mod Geo Sailing … Paul want’s you to become a confident, self sufficient, bluewater sailor with the skill to go anywhere by sail. Many of Paul’s students are sailing upon bluewater RIGHT NOW!