Instructional Sailing Expeditions

Modern Geographic Sailing Expeditions provide immersed bluewater experience and coastal seamanship challenges throughout the Hawaiian islands aboard the SV Solstice. We’ll anchor in remote bays surrounded by white and black sand where coastlines of volcanic lava adjoin the Pacific Ocean, where interesting marine life is frequently seen. Our expeditions typically encounter a variety of weather patterns caused by high-altitude volcanoes that provide us with hands-on learning opportunities as we engage with weather forecasts first hand, and create route plans that force us to prepare Solstice to safely handle the dynamic changes in ocean currents and weather as affected by Hawaii's intricate topography. Trade winds meander around active volcanoes that reach 13,802' and accelerate between other islands with significant physical relief. Localized meteorological effects also play a major role as land and sea breezes switch diurnally, and cold air accelerates down the sides of volcanoes that sometimes build to gale-force winds along coastal areas and within the bluewater passages. All instruction and experiences encountered during the expedition will build skill and confidence in the bluewater skipper.

Modern Geographic Expedition Students receive high-level, hands-on coaching while participating in every aspect; they will learn to manage themselves and be responsible for components of the expedition they’re tasked to prepare and handle; they’ll receive advanced instruction, guidance, coaching, and debrief … learn to go anywhere by sail.