Paul Exner dedicates his life to the applied practice of Ocean Sailing and imparts his knowledge to sailors and explorers during his Mod Geo Sailing Expedition. Paul is a sailing coach and mentor to adventure seekers—he instills high-level performance in those who sail with him, and does so in a respectful and intellectual manner that promotes self reliance and confidence in his students as they gain bluewater experience and learn to operate sailing yachts under all voyaging conditions with an emphasis on fun, personal growth, and safe landfall.

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Paul’s relentless pursuit to master the Technical Art of Sailing began in 1975 when he was 10 years old—solo-sailing his Hobie 14 in the Atlantic from his home-beach at Isla Verde, Puerto Rico; he learned self reliance early by taking his boats offshore at the crack of dawn (while San Juan slept) without outside assistance, equipped with life jacket, gloves, and the spirit of adventure. Since then, Paul has sailed tens-of-thousands of bluewater miles as an expedition leader aboard his custom-built SV Solstice, and aboard hundreds of different yacht designs as a professional sailing coach and Bluewater Sea Trial engineer intent to optimize the performance of his client’s yacht, and to help the owner/skipper develop awareness and methods to efficiently operate their own vessel on ocean and coastal waters.

Exner combines his sea sense, coaching acumen, leadership skills, yachting experience, and industry accomplishments to greatly elevate a sailor’s knowledge and preparedness to a self sufficient level—enabling a sailor, boat owner, or skipper to go anywhere!


Every sail-training expedition led by Paul is based on the prevailing oceanographic conditions encountered in the moment, and guided to benefit each student individually by matching their seamanship-development-objectives to the real-life situations we’re faced every step of the way. “Seamanship scenarios are learning opportunities,” says Exner; “Each event we negotiate at sea will be approached with fresh eyes and absorbed experientially so the learned-material is gleaned from the front-line, as we live it;” reinforced by Paul’s expert-level debrief.

Paul uses a formal training method he developed that taps into his four-decades of marine industry experience. Paul’s coaching includes a combination of hands-on seamanship practice, scientific theory, applied engineering, and human relations. The credibility of his effective instructional method is endorsed by numerous marine industry professionals and supported by successful case studies. Drawing upon a range of human-intelligence experiences from analytic to empathetic, backed by creativity and talent, Exner delivers proven methods that can make any sailor safer, self reliant, and confident while skippering a vessel at sea … formally recognized as: Modern Geographic Sailing Curriculum (MGSC); containing modules, checklists, methods, and techniques which any sailor can easily learn if they’re willing to work hard.

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Paul leads every sailor through the full list of seamanship topics they could encounter during a life-time of sailing, and has a talent for making the discussion relevant to sailors at ANY level (novice to advanced); each seamanship scenario is handled AT the level of the student and geared toward helping the sailor reach their objective and potential. Paul’s real-world experience with the topics, and awareness of what could unfold during a particular seamanship event enables him to make contributions to any sailor, backed by a sincere effort to truly help the sailor succeed. Depending on the conditions served-up naturally during each expedition, seamanship topics will present themselves for the team to experience and negotiate via a hands-on approach; students learn that good seamanship requires introspective judgement that calls upon many skills to be organized into a fluid response to a situation that promotes Safety of Life at Sea. Paul's mastery of coaching will undoubtedly impart long-lasting benefit to the sailors joining him during an expedition.

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Distinguished by four decades of applied sailing practice, Paul clearly has the experience to lead EPIC sailing expeditions, and has a proven track-record that’s helped his student’s succeed; but, Paul's detail-oriented mindset and acumen for coaching is also honed by his non-sailing professional perspectives as: father/husband; mapmaker for National Geographic and The Nature Conservancy; environmental modeler for U.S. Department of Defense; and, business manager of spectroscopic laboratory instrumentation sold to prominent corporations like Pfizer biopharmaceuticals, Frito Lay snacks, Caterpillar machinery, and others ...

Paul's sailing background and broad professional experience uniquely enable him to foster a well-rounded perspective in any sailor seeking to grow, and discover their full potential.

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