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Paul Exner has devoted his life to mastering the Technical Art of Ocean Sailing, and imparts his knowledge to sailors and explorers during his Modern Geographic Sailing Expedition. Paul is a sailing coach and mentor to adventure seekers, and a guru of hands-on experiential learning methods. Paul instills high-level performance in those who sail with him, and does so in a respectful and intellectual manner to inspire their confidence to make decisions at sea based on good seamanship.

Every sail-training expedition led by Paul is based on the oceanographic conditions encountered in the moment, but geared to each student who brings forth their learning objective to the expedition (discussed with Paul in advance); this becomes the catalyst for the intensity level and experiential challenges faced under sail and at anchor. Paul uses his intuition as a master sailor to lead each student through the many seamanship scenarios encountered along the way so they can experience each event with fresh eyes and absorb the learned material from the front-line. Paul formalizes the training via his Modern Geographic Sailing Curriculum, leading the team through a full gambit of seamanship topics which a sailor could encounter during a life-time of sailing. Depending on the conditions served-up by nature during each expedition, several seamanship topics will naturally present themselves for the team to experience using a hands-on approach (the moments when leadership skill is best assimilated) to form an epiphany in students who learn that good seamanship requires judgement that calls upon many skills simultaneously to make sound decisions that contribute to the practice of Safety of Life at Sea. Paul's mastery of coaching methodology will undoubtedly impart long-lasting benefit to the sailors joining him during an expedition.

Distinguished by four decades of sailing experience, Paul clearly has a vision for expedition leadership; but, Paul's detail-oriented mindset and acumen for coaching is also honed by his non-sailing professional perspective: mapmaker for National Geographic and The Nature Conservancy; environmental modeler for U.S. Department of Defense; and, business manager of spectroscopic laboratory instrumentation sold to prominent corporations like Pfizer, Frito Lay, Caterpillar, and others ...

Paul's sailing background and broad professional experience uniquely enable him to foster a well-rounded perspective in any sailor seeking to grow, and find their full potential.

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