Great Bluewater Sailboats ... Full Keel Cutter

There’s a harmony captured between a designer’s understanding of the full keel and the natural hydraulic properties of the sea; this marriage between tradition and the physical principles of science is no accident, it’s a natural aesthetic transcending post-industrialized changes to popular-design spanning more than 100 years of seafaring history that’s allowed us to sail over the horizon reliably and safely, especially while burdened with cruising gear, provisions, and dreams.

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Paul Exner
EPIC PLAN ... Caribbean to Hawaii

Without a doubt, our plan is challenging. It seems simple enough to sail from the Caribbean to Hawaii (or NOT) but to purchase a Hawaiian Corporation with Commercial Operation Permits that allow me to lead bluewater expeditions in Hawaii, THEN relocate my family to Ireland while I mount a Sailing Expedition Series covering 6,200 miles at the same time seemed doable enough; BUT, the mission will require immense accuracy and near flawless execution.

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